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What happens after donating blood??‎

The process of donating blood is a medical procedure through which blood is voluntarily transferred from a healthy person to a sick person in need of blood. Where that blood is used in transfusions of whole blood or one of its components only, after separating it, through a process called fractionation. It is also donated by collecting blood in a medical bag containing an anticoagulant substance connected to a sterile, single-use needle delivered from a vein in the arm. While the blood donation process takes place in a period of time between 5 to 10 minutes, in this period the donor is under direct medical care. Where 400 to 450 milliliters are taken. Which represents about 1/12 of the volume of blood contained within the body of every human being. The question now:

So, what happens after I donate blood?

After blood is taken from the donor, the information is written on the blood bag (the name of the donor – the bag number – the date of the picking – and the name of the picker).

Then the bag is transferred to the laboratory department for group analysis and safety analyzes (hepatitis B virus, hepatitis C and HIV analysis, in addition to the syphilis analysis). Then we move to the processes of clarification and sorting the blood into its components (condensed red blood cells – platelet-rich plasma – platelets). Then the blood or one of its components is transferred to the storage and drainage department, where it is placed in the storage refrigerators, bearing in mind that the conditions of preservation vary according to each component of blood.