Watan Network

Gathering of Syrian non-governmental and non-profits civil society organizations incubated by WATAN organization, of which, works in humanitarian and development fields in and outside of Syria.

To be recognized as the pioneer in building solid and independent civil societies to effectively participate in managing and developing the community affairs.

To build an effective and influential civil society through institutionalizing the work, strengthening the coordination, and creating the integration among the Network members.

Additionally, to establish and develop an information sharing and experiences exchanging platforms and procedures as well as participating and orienting the strategic decision-making process, in consistence with the Network members’ work fields and community needs.

Add to that, launching and supporting advocacy campaigns. Eventually, granting the accreditation to the Network members.


Empowerment: Empowerment: WATAN Network believes in the importance of empowering all the community strata to build an effective and influential civil society.

Excellence: WATAN Network considers the commitment to high proficiency and specializing performances standards is the way to enhance the quality and impact of the outcomes.

Sustainability: WATAN Network trusts that the human resources investment and the future overview are the guarantee for continuance organizations and sustain programs.

Participatory Approach: WATAN Network recognizes that the information and experiences exchanging, and improving the coordination level represent the shortest way to achieve the integration and effectiveness in the community.


Coordination and Networking: Provide monthly coordination meeting between members to facilitate engaging, building relationships, and experience exchange.

Advocacy and Representation: Plan, Evaluate, and Implement joint advocacy campaigns with the humanitarian active actors as well as nominate members for representation in occasions.

Capacity Building: Plan and conduct capacity building for members through workshops and training sessions.

Media Promoting: by publishing and promoting members’ activities and news through SADA, the first Arabic website concerned with the civil society.

Legal and Logistics: Inform members of the latest updates of both legal and logistics affairs through email bulletins.

Information Management: Support members making their strategic decisions and effectively engage with key actors through designing, collecting, and analyzing information of requirements and needs.