The recent earthquake in northwestern Syria has left countless families grappling with despair and helplessness, mourning the loss of their homes and loved ones. Amidst the deteriorating living conditions and strained access to essential services, such as water and sanitation, the demand for projects addressing these pressing needs has never been more critical. Understanding the urgency of the situation, WATAN in collaboration with local partners, has taken swift action to alleviate the suffering of affected families. Through its Water Pumping Stations Operation project in Jisr al-Shughur, Watan’s dedicated engineering teams are working tirelessly to rehabilitate the area’s sanitation facilities. By restoring access to clean water and sewage systems, these efforts will not only improve quality of life, but also contribute to sustainable development in the city. Watan’s awareness of the impact of limited access to water sources and personal hygiene supplies and its great challenges forms the cornerstone of planning its development projects, especially in the earthquake-affected areas.

Through engaging health awareness sessions, WATAN aims to empower communities with knowledge about the importance of hygiene, water conservation, and the preservation of public resources. Watan fosters a healthier and more resilient community by equipping individuals with the necessary tools and information.WATAN’s water and sanitation projects go beyond immediate relief efforts; they prioritize long-term sustainability. By rehabilitating water supply systems and sewage networks, WATAN ensures communities have access to safe drinking water and improved sanitation services. With a focus on quality standards and cutting-edge technologies, WATAN’s engineering teams have revitalized high and groundwater tanks, effectively meeting the water needs of the targeted population. Simultaneously, the rehabilitation of sewage networks plays a vital role in enhancing public hygiene and mitigating the spread of diseases.WATAN’s impact extends beyond the physical infrastructure it rebuilds. The organization collaborates with local and international authorities to create comprehensive and practical solutions. By working closely with partners, WATAN leverages collective expertise and resources, ensuring the effective and sustainable implementation of its programs and projects. Together, they create a powerful force for change, bringing hope and stability to the affected communities. None of these achievements would be possible without the unwavering support of generous individuals and organizations. The continued success of WATAN’s humanitarian work depends on the support and collaboration of dedicated supporters and donors. Every contribution, whether big or small, plays a vital role in making a positive and lasting impact on those affected by crises and disasters.WATAN’s sustainable water and sanitation projects stand as a beacon of hope as we strive to rebuild shattered lives and communities. By restoring access to clean water, promoting health and hygiene practices, and fostering resilience, WATAN is making a difference in the lives of earthquake-affected families.