Sowing the Seeds of Innovation… WATAN’s Hydroponics Revolution – WATAN

Sowing the Seeds of Innovation... WATAN's Hydroponics Revolution

In a world where barely perceptible weather fluctuations and growing droughts cast a foreboding shadow, we’re faced with these environmental challenges, the need for innovative and sustainable solutions to secure the availability of vegetables and protect their sources becomes ever more pressing.

In response to this call for innovation, WATAN, in collaboration with the Charitable Organization for Islamic Youth in northwestern Syria, through an initiative harnessing the hydroponic technology, aims to empower and upskill small farmers while revolutionizing agricultural production through inventive and effective alternatives to traditional farming practices.

This project enables farmers to wield irrigation water with efficiency and sustainability, increasing vegetable growth by a rate above 50% when compared to conventional agriculture. This astounding growth rate means that these farmers can accomplish more within less space, thereby conserving agricultural land for other vital projects, environmental preservation, and biodiversity protection.

We stand ready to forge close partnerships with international organizations and industry leaders in agriculture to champion these innovative technologies and amplify their impact on farming in Syria. We remain committed to ensuring food security for current and future generations, all while safeguarding the sustainability of our land and water resources.