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Sowing Seeds of Change WATAN's Vision for Sustainable Farming in Northwestern Syria

Abu Shaban, a father of five children, faces difficult living conditions, along with hundreds of farmers in northwestern Syria, due to the deterioration of the agricultural sector. The situation has been aggravated by water resource depletion, land loss, and increased costs of agricultural supplies. These challenges have taken a toll on the livelihoods of farmers, making it increasingly difficult for them to sustain their families and communities.

In response to the pressing needs of the farming community, WATAN has played a crucial role in partnership with donors, aiming to revive agricultural practices and promote self-sufficiency among farmers.

Through its agricultural guidance services and support for local communities, WATAN has been instrumental in revitalizing the agricultural sector. One of their key interventions has been the distribution of essential agricultural inputs to over 1000 farmers in northwestern Syria. These inputs include seeds, fertilizers, pesticides, and modern farming equipment. By providing farmers with the necessary resources, WATAN enables them to enhance their agricultural productivity and increase their chances of successful harvests.

However, WATAN’s support extends beyond the mere provision of inputs. Recognizing the importance of knowledge and skills development, WATAN’s team of specialized agricultural engineers offers field follow-ups and training courses. These activities aim to empower farmers with the latest scientific knowledge and best practices in agriculture. By equipping farmers with the skills and techniques necessary for optimal vegetable production, WATAN contributes to improving yields and ensuring food security for communities in northwestern Syria.

During their visits to the fields of beneficiaries, WATAN’s agricultural experts provide comprehensive guidance on crucial agricultural operations. They offer advice on tasks such as plowing, fertilization, irrigation, pest control, and disease management, all of which are vital for achieving high-quality and abundant yields of fresh summer vegetables. By sharing their expertise and practical insights, WATAN’s agricultural engineers help farmers overcome challenges and adopt sustainable agricultural practices that maximize their crop output.

The impact of WATAN’s agricultural projects is best exemplified through the stories and experiences of farmers like Abu Shaban. As a beneficiary of the project in Jisr al-Shughur, Abu Shaban expresses his profound gratitude for the life-changing support he has received. As someone who heavily relies on agriculture as a primary source of income, he acknowledges the significant impact that Watan’s intervention had on his livelihood. Abu Shaban emphasizes the invaluable nature of the agricultural guidance he has received, enabling him to improve his seasonal production and ensure a more stable income for his family.


Beyond immediate support to farmers, Watan’s agricultural projects are part of a broader humanitarian effort to increase the resilience of affected communities. By improving access to livelihood opportunities and preserving income-generating assets, WATAN aims to alleviate poverty and enhance the overall well-being of communities in northwestern Syria. Furthermore, the organization recognizes agriculture’s critical role in ensuring food security. Through its interventions, WATAN seeks to reactivate the agricultural sector, encourage sustainable farming practices, and empower farmers to maintain and invest in their agricultural assets for long-term benefits.

To achieve its goals, WATAN not only focuses on providing agricultural inputs but also on capacity building and promoting modern farming techniques. Alongside the distribution of resources, the organization emphasizes the importance of training and guidance for farmers. By equipping them with knowledge of cutting-edge farming technologies, irrigation methods, and environmentally friendly practices, Watan enables farmers to adapt to evolving agricultural landscapes and improve the productivity and quality of their crops.

WATAN firmly believes that sustainable development can be achieved by enhancing agricultural resources and empowering farmers. Improved agricultural practices multiplier local communities, generating new job opportunities and contributing to overall economic growth.