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Seeds of Empowerment...WATAN's Women's Vegetable Association.

In the expansive plains of northwestern Syria, where the tapestry of rural life interlaces with the challenges of agriculture, a compelling narrative unfolds. It’s a story that weaves together the current reality of farmers who, in pursuit of a better life, have left their homelands.

This epitomizes WATAN’s role supporting farmers, a manifestation of joint solidarity through the European Union project. At the heart of this support lies the creation of the Women’s Vegetable Association, a dynamic force in the towns of Killi and KafrArouq. The association stands out in crafting 100% natural products—pomegranate molasses, pickles, dairy, jam, olive oil, tomato paste, pepper paste, and more —integral to its vision of bolstering local support and promoting sustainability in the region.

The achievements of the EU project, particularly in capacity building and establishing income-enhancing productive assets, serve as a robust catalyst for progress. Central to this narrative is the food processing unit, positioned as the primary income source for the Women’s Vegetable Association. Ten women, each with substantial experience in the food industry, engage in building sustainable production systems that prioritize environmental responsibility.

From delicious pomegranate molasses and pickles with historical stories to fresh dairy and delectable cheeses, every detail reflects precision and meticulous attention. It goes beyond being a commercial initiative; it is a testament to the power of women in confronting challenges, stimulating innovation, and fostering sustainability. TheWomen’s Vegetable Association stands as a living testament to the enduring spirit of women facing life’s challenges. It is more than a commercial endeavor.

The Women’s Vegetable Association emerges as a vital pillar promoting economic development and narrates a story that extends beyond commercial profits. It captures the influence of women in facing life’s challenges and their unwavering motivation for innovation and sustainability.