Reviving Solidarity in Traditions… WATAN’s Communal Iftar Gatherings in Northwest Syria – WATAN

Reviving Solidarity in Traditions... WATAN's Communal Iftar Gatherings in Northwest Syria

As the first day of the blessed month of Ramadan arrived in Northwest Syria, Muslims around the world welcomed it with joy, decorations, and traditional songs. However, the pain was still fresh for Um Ahmed, a grieving mother who lost her children in the devastating earthquake that struck southern Turkey and northern Syria in February. Amidst the challenges of conflict and displacement, WATAN is working tirelessly to alleviate the suffering of those affected and provide them with much-needed relief during this holy month. Through communal iftar (breaking of fast) gatherings, WATAN is addressing the immediate needs of vulnerable communities and restoring their sense of community and solidarity. With the support of donors, supporters, and global organizations, WATAN’s impact is reaching hundreds of families in need, as reflected in the heartwarming interviews of the team members.

Bilal Al-Moussa, WATAN’s implementing team member for the iftar activity, highlighted the significance of the communal iftar gatherings held in the Al-Halbah and Al-Sahhara camps in northern Idlib. He mentioned that the aim of these gatherings is to alleviate the painful memories of the earthquake and help in resuming the activities and traditions that families used to do, such as gathering with relatives and friends to break the fast after a full day of fasting. This provides nourishment to hungry families and restores a sense of normalcy and togetherness during this special month. So far, 560 people have benefited from this project, thanks to the support of WATAN’s generous donors.

Ahmad Barbour, the response coordinator, also shared about distributing food parcels to the affected families in the shelter center of Al-Jeineh in northern Idlib. This initiative reflects the humanitarian solidarity and cooperation in alleviating the suffering of the people of Syria in these difficult and painful circumstances. Through timely and targeted assistance, WATAN is making a tangible impact in providing essential food to vulnerable families, giving them hope and relief during Ramadan.

Um Ahmed, a bereaved mother who lost her children in the earthquake, expressed her gratitude towards WATAN’s efforts in bringing comfort during this challenging time. She mentioned that the communal iftar gathering allowed her to momentarily forget the pain of her loss and be surrounded by a supportive community. She also appreciated the food parcels provided by WATAN, which helped ease the burden of providing for her family during Ramadan.

Bilal Al-Moussa, a WATAN’s implementing team member, shared his perspective on the importance of the iftar activity in restoring a sense of normalcy for affected families. He mentioned that seeing the smiles on the faces of children and families as they break their fast together is a powerful reminder of the resilience and strength of the Syrian people. He also emphasized the role of WATAN’s donors and supporters in making this impact possible and expressed his gratitude for their continued support.

Ahmad Barbour, the response coordinator, highlighted the significance of solidarity and cooperation in humanitarian efforts. He mentioned that WATAN’s distribution of food parcels is a small but meaningful step in addressing the urgent needs of families affected by the earthquake. He also extended his appreciation to the global organizations and donors who have supported WATAN’s efforts, emphasizing the importance of continued collaboration in making a difference in the lives of vulnerable communities.

In the midst of the challenges faced by those affected by the conflict and earthquake in Northwest Syria, WATAN’s efforts during the holy month of Ramadan are bringing hope and relief to hundreds of families. Through communal iftar