A village that protects dozens of families and preserves their dignity – WATAN

A village that protects dozens of families and preserves their dignity

Hundreds of thousands of displaced people dream of having a house similar to a tent, but with walls built of concrete. Perhaps it would ensure their privacy, and end their misery caused by the winter storms and rains, and summer dust and heat.

Because of the unjust war, many fled from their homes to northern Syria. In these areas they sought refuge, it resulted in overcrowding in the shelters. There is a need to provide alternative housing for tents, which are considered only a temporary solution, and do not provide the minimum requirements of heating, privacy, and protection.

For this reason, WATAN partnered with the Kuwait Excellence Society, and with a number of civil engineers and architects, to design the model residential village. Based on this the project was built, and it was studied structurally, so that units would be strong and solid at a reasonable cost.

Typical housing consists of a rectangular building comprising two apartments which each contain:

  • Living space
  • Sleeping space
  • Bathroom and toilet
  • Kitchen with appliances

The project consists of 60 housing units, a mosque, with all its necessities so that it can accommodate 200 worshipers. The village also has a health centre that contains many medical spaces and is equipped to receive cases daily, with an ambulance and equipment to carry out medical analysis and imaging. And of course, one of the most important spaces within the village is the school.

The project started 2/5/2021 and by last November, the exterior and painting works of the residential blocks were completed.

In the future the scope of the project is expected to expand so that the village can include a market, additional housing, and a playground next to the village.