A new phase in project supporting families most in need – WATAN

A new phase in project supporting families most in need

Three months have passed since the launch of the new phase of the “Distribution of Essential Shelter Materials for Vulnerable displaced Families” project in northwestern Syria. The project targets 18,000 additional families or approximately 90,000 individuals. The project was extended after the approval of the partner UNHCR due to the success of the first stages. The total projected beneficiaries is 7265 families or approximately 36,325 individuals

WATAN’s field teams inside Syria distributed 5683 winter and emergency baskets and installed 1582 family tents in camps in Idlib city, Maarat Misrin, and Al-Dana sub-district in Idlib governorate. In addition, the project includes the construction of a new camp in Oriba village in Harem district for which 95% of the construction work has been carried out.  The construction of Kafr Jalis camp in Maarat Misreen district has been completed, which is now ready to accommodate 3100, displaced families. It included leveling roads, installing housing units, extending sewage lines and water networks, preparing wells and water reservoirs, installing lighting poles ,and building guard rooms.