New housing units provide quality services to increase safety – WATAN

New housing units provide quality services to increase safety

In order to continue to provide support for the vulnerable and most affected, WATAN partnered with UNOCHA, providing 500 new housing units to host 500 displaced families, up to 3000 individuals currently without safe shelter.

The project, which began mid-March 2020, and since then has supplied ready-made units from Sweden, built 250 double toilets and implemented 500 double-draining ground beams. As well as this, WATAN has finished road surfacing, implementing underground septic tanks and the appropriate drainage lines with diameters of 20-30 cm.

In addition to the construction operations, the project includes providing further assistance, such as distributing 500 non-food items packs and providing protection services. One goal of these protection services is to ensure better awareness of the dangers of gender-based violence.

WATAN actively works with partners to cover education, health and livelihood services to those in need as well as communicating relevant information to other major groups and stakeholders, to advise them on how they can be working to best benefit the people.

One of the most important goals of the project is to improve the quality of camp management and accountability of IDP sites. WATAN works to train camp residents to establish service committees to maintain daily demands at IDP sites. This includes training first aid, hygiene promotion activities, fire-fighting training, and governance awareness.

In addition to benefiting 3000 individuals, the project indirectly helps 50 families – those who are the families of workers and the primary and secondary contractors.