Meets the needs of blood patients… WATAN 3 Medical Center with free services – WATAN

Meets the needs of blood patients... WATAN 3 Medical Center with free services

A blood bank affiliated to WATAN 3 Center in Idlib offers its services in distributing all blood products (whole blood – plasma – platelets). Where the facility team conducts blood harvesting campaigns and then conducts all the necessary safety analyzes for HBV- HCV – HIV – Syphilis and stores them under the appropriate conditions for distribution to beneficiaries in the region as needed, in addition to a central laboratory that provides free medical analysis services and a center for the treatment of thalassemia patients.

WATAN Center 3 has been moved from its old location within the National Hospital in Idlib city to a fixed building close to all medical clusters in the city, to ensure the necessary medical quality and privacy for the beneficiaries. The building was rehabilitated after signing a memorandum of understanding with the Idlib Health Directorate.