WATAN’s Helping Hand… Pioneering Change in Eastern Aleppo – WATAN

WATAN's Helping Hand... Pioneering Change in Eastern Aleppo

In a world where health challenges loom large, good healthcare becomes a guiding light in dark times. In the eastern countryside of Aleppo, this necessity grows more critical with each passing day, and among its vital components, blood banks emerge as a lifeline for many.

At the forefront of challenging reality stands WATAN, an organisation that is committed to innovation and is dedicated  to uplifting healthcare services in the city of Al-Bab and its surrounding districts. In pursuit of this goal, WATAN inaugurated a new blood bank within its ‘Network Sustainability’ project.

Basil Sabbagh, the project manager, paints a vivid picture of the transformative impact the bank has had on meeting the needs of hospitals, health centres, and treatment facilities for thalassemia patients. Beyond merely collecting blood, the bank provides complete blood units and crucial blood derivatives, poised to play a fundamental role in serving individuals in Al-Bab and its neighbouring areas.

The bank places immense importance on the donors themselves. Providing a comfortable and secure environment for donation operations, the bank also conducts precise blood safety tests through its specialised laboratory, thereby contributing substantially to elevating quality and safety standards. The bank’s role transcends its primary function—it extends to providing community health services to both beneficiaries and blood donors alike.

WATAN’s commitment to healthcare extends beyond the blood bank. Previously, the organisation launched a healthcare centre offering free biomedical and diagnostic services to local residents, particularly those affected by the earthquake. With a capacity to cater to over 1,500 people monthly, this centre has become a centre for basic medical care, providing essential medicines and psychological support in these communities.

WATAN’s footprint in the healthcare sector significantly improves the well-being of displaced families. This steadfast dedication reflects an enduring commitment to healthcare and the well-being of local communities. In this realm, WATAN leaves an indelible and creative mark, channelling efforts toward uplifting lives and enhancing health in times of dire need.

WATAN persists in charting the path of hope and healing amidst conflict and displacement, embodying a humanitarian vision that seeks not only to save lives but to elevate the quality of life for individuals enduring the harshest circumstances.