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WATAN's Green Revolution Nurturing Lives in Idlib's Olive Groves

In the vast expanse of Idlib’s countryside, where olive trees dot the landscape, resides Hajj Mustafa, a farmer from the town of Killi. At 63, having witnessed years of difficulty, Mustafa says: “I wait for the harvest season every year. My agricultural land is the foundation of my livelihood and well-being, ensuring dignity and meeting our daily needs.”

As challenges mount for rural Idlib farmers, the financial burdens loom large during olive harvests. This is a reality Hajj Mustafa shares with fellow farmers from Killi. The WATAN project supports olive and vegetable producers in these areas, made up of initiatives that redefine the landscape of agricultural sustainability.

A beacon of hope emerges as olive growers’ associations take root in Killi and Kafr Arouq, showcasing WATAN’s dedication to empowering local farmers. With over 476 members, these associations play a crucial role, fostering a sense of shared responsibility within the farming community.

For Hajj Mustafa, a recipient of this transformative project, WATAN has become a lifeline. The organization provides essential support through complimentary harvesting services and upholds high-quality standards in olive oil extraction, boosting farmers’ competitiveness in the local market.

Highlighting the importance of education and awareness in preserving the olive season, Mustafa shares his enthusiasm for the WATAN agricultural system team. The team visited Mustafa’s land, offering insights on disease prevention and combat strategies.

“The organization not only provided educational services but also invited us to attend training courses on the importance of olive trees and ways to preserve them,” says Mustafa. Practical sessions within agricultural lands further fortified the knowledge needed to safeguard the annual harvest.

WATAN’s support extends beyond education; it encompasses crucial agricultural services. Fall plowing services for agricultural lands, a seemingly simple act, hold profound implications for ensuring future production that meets the evolving needs of farmers.

Hajj Mustafa thanked the team, saying, “This support gave me hope. The money to pay the wages of workers picking or extracting olive oil is now being used to meet the needs of my household and secure the education of my children. With this, I expect to reach abundant production of my annual crop.

The WATAN project shines as a beacon of hope, transforming the lives of farmers in Killi and Kafr Arouq. More than just a practical solution, it stands as a testament to human solidarity, offering a vital support system for those relying on the land in northern Syria.

Closing this inspiring chapter, a poignant image remains—a distinctive scene from the fields of Idlib, resonating deeply with its farmers. WATAN not only alleviates financial burdens but also sparks creativity and generosity in the hearts of those it reaches.