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Education under conflict Illuminating Futures in Northwestern Syria

In the heart of northwestern Syria, where the echoes of a harsh conflict has impacted the education available to its people, resilience emerges amidst the adversity. Here, teachers confront daunting challenges as they navigate the ongoing conflicts, striving to provide education in an environment fraught with difficulties. The absence of necessary support impacts the quality of education, further worsened by the relentless bombings that disrupts schools and threatens the continuity of the educational process, jeopardizing the future of hundreds of children in the region.

WATAN has embarked on a mission to positively transform this crisis. Venturing into the northern countryside of Aleppo, WATAN’s teams assess the impact of destruction and intervene immediately, mainly in the areas of Al-Jakka, Rael, Hawar Kilis—in the Soran-Azaz area. The focus is on reconstruction and improving the learning environment, turning classrooms into safe spaces, and developing sanitary facilities to provide a clean, healthy atmosphere for students.

Beyond just the physical restoration of the buildings, WATAN aims to rebuild the very educational identity of the region. WATAN becomes a symbol of renewal for generations scarred by the effects of war and conflicts.

The impact has been tangible – the educational landscape has visibly improved after the project’s implementation. Students are making rapid strides in their educational pursuits, and their ambition shifts toward enhancing the entire educational process. There has been a  decline in school dropout rates and an improvement in the commitment of students to attendance, which are testaments to this project’s transformative power.

The project serves as an example of a robust and effective response to the needs of communities in challenging areas. It highlights the importance of solidarity and collective action in reviving hope in a world that demands concerted efforts for development and education.

WATAN’s ethos on this is clear: investing in education extends beyond rebuilding schools. This unique journey intertwines engineering and humanitarian aspects, where technical expertise meets human empathy to create a lasting impact on the lives of students and society.

Bear witness to the fact that challenges cannot impede progress when the world unites. In an era demanding heightened collaborative efforts, education remains a pivotal pillar for constructing a sustainable and prosperous future. The success of this project underscores the resilience of the human spirit and the optimism that cross-border cooperation can foster.

Let us persist in uniting our efforts, becoming active participants in a sustainable journey toward improving education and fostering bridges of understanding and solidarity. Through enduring collaboration, we hold the power to shape a brighter future for generations to come, where learning and development stand as pillars of a more connected global society.