Are some of the main life services enough for dozens of camps? – WATAN

Are some of the main life services enough for dozens of camps?

The camps of the north of Syria go through difficult and sequential conditions with the succession of summer and winter each year.

To help the families of the displaced, WATAN intervened alongside the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, UNHCR, and distributed basic shelter materials in addition to installing and preparing tents for families suffering from harsh conditions of displacement, amounting to 15,000 baskets Winter, 27,500 emergency kits, 11,000 tents, and gravelling of 12,000 tents.

To rearrange the place, our team improved the tent sites and graveled 15 km of roads and connect it with sewage networks to reduce the risks of pollution and the causes of epidemics among children.

The place was also lit within the camps by installing 250 lighting poles to facilitate the movement of pedestrians at night and help families to meet their needs during dark hours. Also, sites for the displaced were established using 1,000 RHU housing units that include all services. Replacing the damaged tents with 100 locally made shelters, including all services.

During the last month our team was able to:

  • Distribution of 15,000 winter baskets
  • Distribution 17,941 emergency kits
  • Distribution and installation of 9,182 tents
  • graveling the floors of 10,993 tents
  • Connecting sewage networks 16,550 km
  • Gravelling The camp roads 17,179 km
  • Installation of lighting poles within the camps, 250 lighting poles
  • Preparing the bill of quantities for the RHU housing units project, and the locally made shelter.

Since the beginning of the direct intervention until the present time, statistics indicate that all planned beneficiaries have been reached, services are provided, and needs are met, according to the following:

15000 families (75,000 individuals)

17941 families (89,705 individuals)

9182 families (45,910 individuals)

10933 families (54,965 individuals)

1594 families (7,965) individuals.

The total number of people reached is 273,545.

Regarding the future expectations of the intervention and the chances of success, WATAN is considered one of the most prominent organizations active in the emergency intervention operations inside Syria and the urgent response to displacement, which earned it a wide reputation among the actors.

WATAN is still seeking to complete the distribution of emergency baskets and tents within the 2022 agreements and obtain additional shipments of non-food baskets and tents and graveling them and continue site improvement activities within the camps.