Dreaming beyond limits… 15 years since the launch of WATAN – WATAN

Dreaming beyond limits… 15 years since the launch of WATAN

With a dream without borders and unlimited ambition, WATAN started in 2006 for the sake of man and humanity. They wanted to create the future of a dignified homeland based on tolerance, respect, and social justice. Volunteers lit the first candles, along with the Syrian Business Club: an effort from Syrian professionals and businesspeople in the diaspora to develop capabilities and build social networks that extended to impact Syrians in many areas.

With the advent of 2011, the results of these teams resulted in three initiatives.

The Syria Dream initiative was the first, which echoed the youth’s desire for positive change and their dream of a homeland that enjoys rights and freedoms, where opportunities are available to all.

The second was the Syan initiative to coordinate between the active entities on the ground and develop humanitarian work efficiency within the Syrian civil society so that all members could participate effectively and positively, regardless of their gender, religion, or race. This community had begun to take its first steps with the help of these voluntary groups that had been active for over 20 years in regions around the world.  They had a vision of a future that shines with civil and societal awareness among its people.

As a result of those experiences, efforts joined forces to launch WATAN in June 2012 officially! It was set up as an umbrella system for specialized institutions concerned with building and developing societies. They did this by opening several offices distributed worldwide to accommodate the extensive Syrians invested in the project.

At this point, the situation in Syria had begun to accelerate at an alarming rate. So, WATAN launched a comprehensive humanitarian response plan which was very much based on the core principles it had developed. The support of education and development to establish and maintain the basic foundations of society. With this in mind, they worked on expanding the circle of its local and international partners to contribute effectively to advancing humanitarian work to reach its beneficiaries sustainably.

With that determination, steadfastness, and concerted efforts, WATAN today completes its 15th year in a long process of giving to bring about a resurgence in Syrian societies of all ethnic, religious, and national affiliations.

With over 19 million beneficiaries and more than 150 innovative projects, today, we celebrate with you proud of the achievements of WATAN over 15 years. We thank you sincerely and appreciate your efforts and support for us in this blessed journey. Let us complete this dream with you.