Ramadan 2022 – WATAN

Ramadan 2022

While the Holy month of Ramadan brings joy for us every year, life has not changed for millions of families displaced inside Syria. They live in the same tents, they eat the same refugee diet and face the same challenges every day. They cannot even imagine wearing new clothes on Eid as we do.

Do they not deserve to celebrate Ramadan and Eid like us?

This Ramadan, do not forget our brothers and sisters in Syria and the hardship they’re going through. Watan UK teams will be with these families to deliver your generosity. We will be distributing food packs, bottles, shelters, hygiene kits. We will also arrange community iftars for the fasting.


Prophet Muhammad ﷺ said;

“I and the one who looks after an
orphan will be like this in Paradise.”

(showing his middle & index fingers and separating them)

– Sahih Bukhari

Ramadan Packs

Ramadan is the month of countless blessings & rewards.

Keep your needy brothers & sisters in your thoughts & reach out to them as they too have a right to spend this month praying & fasting in peace.

Your charity could mean support for an orphan, shelter for the homeless, and clean water & food for a starving family.

Save a soul. Donate a Ramadan Pack.

Water Project

Millions of people don’t have access to a vital source of healthily living, water. Thousands of people die each year due to water-borne diseases.

Ramadan is all about being kind and supporting each other.

You could save innocent lives by helping impoverished communities living in remote areas by providing them with access to clean water.

Please donate towards a water-well for only £50.


Sadaqah not only helps impoverished people but also shields you against calamities.

Being more generous in Ramadan is Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ).

Register your good deeds by giving your Sadaqah to the needy from as low as £10.


Keep in mind thousands of Syrian refugee families have lost everything, including their homes and are now living in camps without access to basic amenities this Ramadan. They also have the right to fulfill their religious obligations in peace.

Your Zakat can ensure they get food, education, healthcare, and financial support. Please don’t leave them alone in their grief.

Give your Zakat to provide much-needed relief.

Feed The Fasting

Between the ever-increasing unemployment and prices of food staples skyrocketing, many families can’t afford proper meals.

The essence of Ramadan is to go through the experiences of the less fortunate & be more empathetic towards them. Please come forward to provide needy families with food aid. For only £90, you can satiate the hunger of 3 families for this blessed month.

Fidya / Kaffarah

Unable to fast due to a medical or any other genuine reason?

Pay Fidya for only £5 for each fast or £150 (£5 X 30) for the whole month of Ramadan.

If you’ve broken or missed the fast, pay Kaffarah for only £500 to feed the needy and seek forgiveness from Allah S.W.T.

Sponsor an Orphan Today

Child sponsorship is one of the best ways to give back and earn eternal rewards in the holy month of Ramadan. Many children in Syria have lost their fathers or both parents due to the on-going conflict. These children are displaced inside the country and have no place to go.

They are in desperate need for protection and basic amenities of life to survive. Your generosity can play a great part in an orphan’s life. For only £30 a month, you can provide a child with food, shelter, education and healthcare just like a normal child has.

Share your privilege with the needy

Ramadan is all about being generous and compassionate for humanity. While we enjoy delicious food during Suhoor and Iftaar, we cannot forget those who struggle to find food and shelter for their families. This Ramadan. Don’t forget the pain and suffering of those who have lost everything.

Hundreds of thousands of families in Syria are displaced due to bombings. Many families are stuck in the circle of poverty, some are living well below the poverty line as they have lost everything they owned. By donating to our food safety & livelihood program, you will be providing food, water, shelter and essential hygiene products to a family that is living in dire conditions.

Provide shelter for a family

We come to realise how privileged we are to have a small home when we see the families who have no roof over their head. Imagine the pain and struggles of a family whose ‘sweet home’ was destroyed in the bombing. Imagine how they must have managed to escape. They look up to the sky every night with the hope of Allah’s S.W.T mercy.

Ramadan is the month of humility as we seek Allah S.W.T’s mercy and forgiveness by praying to Him. Helping someone in need is one of the best ways to get close to Allah S.W.T and to earn blessings. By donating £850, you could provide a shelter kit to a displaced Syrian family. Each kit contains a tent, mattress and essential items to help a refugee family.

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Give Where the Need is Greatest

$55 - Food Pack For 1 Family For 1 Month