The protection program works to achieve safety, dignity and people's rights. It aims to reduce exposure to further harm or humiliation and allows for impartial assistance without discrimination or fear of physical or psychological harm. Activities provide support for issues ranging from psychologically affected children and women to gender-based violence to mental health referrals.

Program Mission

Protect the rights and well-being of those affected by conflict by ensuring access to the basics of survival - from food, protection from violence, fear of being forced to leave their homes or being denied access to relief. Also by creating an environment to expand their chances of reaching their full potential.

Areas of Expertise

1. Awareness-raising:

Building awareness of human rights themes and support through a comprehensive referral service.

2. Strengthening protection practices:

Working to reduce risks and support vulnerable groups.

3. Mainstreaming protection:

Improved key implementation of protection and monitoring in all programs.

4. Enhancing community cohesion:

WATAN's has two community centers within Syria for use in community integration and psychosocial and social support.

Program History

The first project in the Protection Program was in 2012, it provided psychotherapy to refugee children in Tripoli, Lebanon, in partnership with the United States Agency for International Development through the Office of Transition Initiatives (OTI). The program continued in the same year until 2013, to support 3,000 orphans.

The program of philosophy and differentiation:

WATAN's mobile protection teams are available to provide psycho-social support in emergency situations. The mapping tool for health and education services is also used for situations requiring rapid response, to inform internally displaced persons and refugees in terms of the closest service to their new location, with further follow-up of some cases.

WATAN's protection program aims to protect as many people as possible from the Syrian crisis. The program strives to respond quickly, but has a sustainable impact. The empowerment of girls and women is key to achieving these long-term goals of the protection program, by providing access to resources that encourage and empower women with the skills and confidence necessary to create a healthy living environment and to restore income to their families.

Protection program:

• Strives to empower girls and women.

• Integrates programs through workshops and business development that focus on information exchange, linking technical teams and piloting innovative integration strategies.

• Speed and timing are key, with major program preparedness plans for any changes in context, as WATAN has strong plans in place, trained staff and established systems.

WATAN projects

• voice for the voiceless

• Refugee program in Turkey

• Community Centres

• Orphan care




A project has started Sept. till Dec. 25. It is implementing in Harem, Dana, Le ajlekom camp, and Atmeh camp.

The total Target for outreach beneficiaries 4500 reaching 1224 beneficiaries until now.

• The total Target for Case Management 500 reaching 49 cases.

• The activities are:

1. Outreach activities (Awareness sessions about Family planning / Safety motherhood / Stages of a child's growth/ GBV / Hygiene promotion / Early Marriage)

2. Case Management and referral.

Situation: On going

Partners: CARE - UNHCR

Situation: in progress Partners: NAMA foundation


1. SNF: Case management

Primary goal is to optimize client functioning well-being and emotional and physical safety within CM Special Needs Fund (SNF)

Referral to other services (external and internal services)

260 cases should be covered in this component

2. Basic Needs (winterization project)

e-Vouchers distribution in Ankara on 4000 households in order to meet the urgent winterization needs of vulnerable Syrian Refugees in October-November and December 2016.

3. Protection outreach

Training for members of the community who are willing to volunteer their time to support their community to access the legal rights and protection services and to raise the awareness on the social and psychological impacts of war and displacement.

What we provide to information volunteers:

• Training and development of new skills to 60 information volunteers.

• Certificate of Participation at the end of training, for IVs attending at least 80% of the training session.

• Opportunities for increasing involvement and responsibility based on performance and motivation

Location Ankara: Rural: Beypazazi District: Altindag

Situation: Completed

Partners: Care international




A project has started Aug-2015 till March 2017. It is implementing in Dana in Idleb, and Darbasiyah in Alhasaka.

• The total Target 3000 for two centers reaching 4500 beneficiaries until now

• The activities are:

1. Structure and unstructured activities for children.

2. Awareness sessions for adults / men / women

3. Vocational training (Nursing Course / English course / Sewing course / hair dressing course)

Situation: Completed 

Partners: CARE – EU


Orphans sponsorship project, one of the projects of WATAN, start at 2013 because of increasing number of orphans, providing an integrated orphan sponsorship project includes psychological support and health and education and food as well as providing gifts and clothing during the seasons and holidays.

• Total Orphans: 750


Turkey, Syria, Tripoli- Lebanon

Situation: Completed

Orphans Sponsorship:

Orphans Sponsorship project, one of WATAN projects, started in 2013 due to the increase in orphans numbers, the project aims to fully support the Syrian Orphans and their families with health, PSS, education and food services, and give orphans cloths and presents during some festivals and holidays.